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By John Dilworth

SCHROEDER, Johann G. Born 1870 Neuhaus, Hanover Germany, Worked circa. 1900-1925 New York USA. Established in New York 1900-1925. Subsequently returned to Germany. Consultant expert on old master violins at the Custom House in New York. Violins and cellos on classical Italian models. Some copies of individual instruments. Shaded red-brown varnish. Some instruments made using local woods, but generally fine European imported tonewood. Also made plucked instruments. Branded: ‘J. G. Schroeder, New York’ J. G. Schroeder / Made in New York 1904

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Cello 74.9 cm New York, 1915 Tue 1st November 11 £ 4511.00

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Amati, in collaboration with leading experts, have published a few key books in the field of stringed instruments.

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