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£ 2593.00

By John Dilworth

SHAW, John Worked circa. 1655-1698 London UK. Violins and viols. Very fine workmanship. The Hill archive cites a viol with carved head, ‘one of the finest pieces of English work we have ever come across’. Violins in the style of Urquhart. Appointed musical instrument maker to the court of William III. John Shaw at the Goulden Harp / and Hoboy nere the Maypole in the / Strand 1656 Carved and made by John Shaw / and sold… / Temple Gate… / 1673 John Shaw at the Golden Harp and / Hoboy, next door to the Fountain Tavern, / in the Strand near the Savoy, London. / 1688 John Shaw, instrument Maker to his Majesty, liveth at the Golden Harp and Ho-Boy, next door to the Fountain Tavern, in the Stran

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.2 cm Manchester, 1905 Mon 1st May 06 £ 2593.00
Violin Manchester, 1905 Fri 1st October 04 £ 1859.00

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