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By John Dilworth

STÜBER, Johann Born 1888 Markneukirchen Germany, died 1976 The Hague Netherlands. Pupil of O. Braun in Markneukirchen. Worked in Berlin, Zurich, and St. Gallen, and then settled for two years with E. Gärtner in Stuttgart from 1912. From 1914-1920 worked for K. van der Meer in Amsterdam, returning to Gärtner, before joining Möller and finally Vedral in The Hague. Established independently in The Hague from 1921. Founder member of the Netherlands Group of Violin and Bow Makers (NGV). High arched Guarneri-derived model with orange-red varnish. Prizes awarded in Brussels and The Hague. His collection of instruments is maintained in the museum of Crailsheim. Bows with his brand made for him by K

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Viola Bow S/E 59.0 g. [Workshop of] Thu 1st April 10 £ 452.00
Violin 35.6 cm The Hague, 1930 Wed 1st October 08 £ 1638.00
Violin Bow S/E 62.0 g. stamped "Johann Stuber La Haye" Thu 1st May 08 £ 1079.00
Violin Bow S/E 59.6 g. Markneukirchen, 1930 c. [Made for] Sun 1st April 07 £ 425.00
Violin Bow S/E 58.4 g. Markneukirchen, 1930 c. [Made for] Sun 1st April 07 £ 576.00
Violin The Hague, 1930 Tue 1st November 05 £ 1974.00
Violin The Hague, 1929 Tue 1st February 05 £ 4560.00
Viola Bow S/E 65 g. Wed 1st October 03 £ 624.00
Violin 1929 Sat 1st March 03 £ 1440.00
Violin Bow S/E 62 g. Fri 1st March 96 £ 805.00
Violin Bow S/E 60 g. Tue 1st November 88 £ 660.00
Violin 1932 Wed 1st June 88 £ 1760.00
Violin Bow S/E 59 g. Tue 1st March 88 £ 715.00

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