Erminio Farina

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£ 19550.00

By John Dilworth

FARINA, Erminio Born 1885, died 1917 Milan Italy. Pupil and successor of Riccardo Antoniazzi. Worked for the Monzino company in Milan. Seems to have often provided his distinctive scroll (a neatly concentric design with a very tapered broad front face and even softened broad chamfer) to instruments with the Antoniazzi label. Classical models with red-brown varnish. Antonio Monzino e Figli / Liutera Artistica di Scuola Cremonese / Gran Premio a diverse Espos. Inter. / Erminio Farina allievo di Raiccardo Antoniazzi / da Cremona fece nell’anno 1910 [Blot II]

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1914 For "'A. Monzino" Tue 1st October 02 £ 11610.00
Violin 1910 Mon 1st March 99 £ 10925.00
Cello 1910 c. Sun 1st November 98 £ 19550.00
Violin 1916 Thu 1st June 95 £ 6900.00
Cello 1909 Wed 1st June 94 £ 12075.00

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