James Gilchrist

Highest auction price achieved
ÂŁ 1012.00

By William Meredith Morris

An amateur maker, who was by trade a philosophical instrument maker. He made eighty-six stringed instruments of every description. The workmanship is very fair, but the work as a whole lacks individuality, and the tone is of a poor quality. Label : — JAMES GILCHRIST, GLASGOW, 1892

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.6 cm Glasgow, 1883 Thu 1st December 11 ÂŁ 960.00
Violin 1889 Sat 1st November 97 ÂŁ 667.00
Violin 1889 Thu 1st April 93 ÂŁ 782.00
Violin 1892 Sun 1st March 92 ÂŁ 825.00
Violin 1890 Thu 1st June 89 ÂŁ 440.00
Violin 1893 Tue 1st November 88 ÂŁ 550.00
Violin 1883 Tue 1st November 88 ÂŁ 1012.00
Violin 1892 Tue 1st September 92 ÂŁ 495.00

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