Giuseppe Guadagnini

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£ 117600.00

By George Hart

Second son of Giovanni Battista. Worked with his father for some time at Turin. He ultimately went to Lombardy, and settled in Pavia, where he made a great number of instruments. The work and character belonging to these instruments is varied. The model is that of Stradivari. In some instances the sound-holes partake of the character of Giuseppe Guarneri. The varnish is inferior to that of his predecessors, and the wood often hard and plain. Some of his Violins bear the labels of his father, and were doubtless made when they were living together.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 35.7 cm Italy, Possibly 19th C. [Ascribed to] Sat 1st October 11 £ 15840.00
Violin 35.7 cm Italy, 1801 c. [Possibly by] [Lit.] Wed 1st April 09 £ 25399.00
Violin 35.6 cm Como, 1780 c. [Ascribed to] Sat 1st November 08 £ 30933.00
Violin [Ascribed to] Thu 1st July 04 £ 14400.00
Violin 1785 c. [Attributed to] Thu 1st July 04 £ 8365.00
Violin 1772 Tue 1st July 03 £ 117600.00
Violin 1785 c. Fri 1st November 02 £ 86250.00
Violin 1780 Sat 1st July 00 £ 41900.00
Cello Pavia, 1791 Thu 1st June 89 £ 82500.00
Viola 41.0 cm Wed 1st March 89 £ 41800.00

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