Emmerich Von (III) Kabay

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By John Dilworth

KABAY, Emmerich von (III) Born 1916 Nádudvar, Worked Debrecen Hungary. Son, pupil, and successor of Emmerich von Kabay (II), above. Active member of the Beszkárt orchestra and its official luthier. Stradivari and Guarneri models, and a personal model with very rounded upper bouts to facilitate playing in the upper positions. Spirit varnish in shaded colours. Diploma awarded at the 1979 Triennale in Cremona. Printed labels, numbered but always with the date 1936 indicating the year in which he passed his journeyman’s examination as a luthier. Some instruments have ‘Kabay’ carved across the fluting in the back of the pegbox. Gemacht / Emmerich von Kabay / -Ungarn- / 1936 opus 68 [Benedek]

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