Henryk Kaston

Highest auction price achieved
£ 2486.00

By John Dilworth

KASTON, Hendryk Born 1910 Piotrków Trybunalski Poland, d.2010 New York USA. Bow maker from 1943. Also professional violinist and jeweller. Worked for Rudolf Wurlitzer as a bow repairer and restorer. Developed a unique and celebrated line of heavily embellished and inlaid bows on fine French models and initiated much valuable research into the Tourte family. Bow illustrated in the catalogue of the Sacconi Loan Exhibition, New York 1966.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin Bow G/T 62 g. Sun 1st January 84 £ 1222.00
Violin Bow G/E 66 g. the ferrule engraved Sun 1st May 11 £ 2486.00
Cello Bow G/E 85 g. the ferrule engraved Sun 1st May 11 £ 2131.00
Violin Bow G/fT 66.0 g. Button with relief of musicians Sat 1st October 05 £ 2456.00

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