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By John Dilworth

SEXTON, John Worked circa. 1728-1747 London UK. Interesting but rare maker. Labels suggest he was a pupil or employee of Thomas Collingwood. Some instruments in the Daniel Parker style: Stradivari-derived model with slender soundholes. Others more in the manner of N. Cross on a high-built Stainer pattern. Good but not highly refined work. Golden-brown spirit varnish. Well-drawn soundholes and slightly compact scroll. One viola with the arched back has a viol-like horizontal ‘break’ in both upper and lower bouts. One example branded beneath back button: ‘Sexton’. Manuscript labels in imitation of print: John Sexton fecit / London Bridge / From Mr Collingwood / 1728 John Sexton fecit 1735 /

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