Pietro (II) Guarneri

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£ 148500.00

By George Hart

Brother of Giuseppe Guarneri. In this maker, again, there is much originality, his work, together with his model, differing entirely from that of his brother, and in outline from that of his father Andrea. There is increased breadth between the sound-holes ; the sound-hole is rounder and more perpendicular ; the middle bouts are more contracted, and the model is more raised. The scroll abounds in individuality of design. The ear is brought out with much effect; the purfling is splendidly executed, the corners being worked up to that extreme point of delicacy which is characteristic of the works of Niccolo Amati. The purfling is embedded after the manner of Amati in his “grand" instruments, but to a greater extent. The varnish is superb ; its quality is of the richest description, and its transparency unsurpassed. Its colour varies ; it is sometimes of a golden tint, sometimes of a pale red, on which the light plays with delightful variety. Pietro Guarneri used some of the finest wood. The bellies are invariably wide in grain and very even.

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Price History

Type Title Sold Price
Violin 1750 Venice Mon 1st November 82 £ 66000.00
Violin 1742 Venice Thu 1st April 82 £ 68200.00
Violin 35.5 cm Venice, 1735-1740 c. Thu 1st December 11 £ 39101.00
Violin 35.4 cm Venice, 1734 (the scroll possibly by another) Thu 1st April 10 £ 107403.00
Violin 35.4 cm 18th C. [Attributed to] Thu 1st October 09 £ 10625.00
Violin [Ascribed to] Tue 1st November 05 £ 3360.00
Cello 1725 Mon 1st April 85 £ 148500.00

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